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Society, law, economics

Biological Terrorism and Crisis Management in Switzerland – Lessons Learned from the Anthrax Alert and Steps Ahead. (J. Metzger, D. Guery)

Economic Analysis of Outpatient’s Antibiotics Consumption in Switzerland. (M. Filippini, L. Crivelli)

Legal Implications of Antibiotic Resistance. (D. Sprumont, S. Harbarth)

Individual decision on antibiotic treatment - A case for utility assessment. (D. Uehlinger)

Prediction and Predictability of Resistance to Antibiotics: Studies based on Coupled Map Lattices. (J. Shiner, D. Uehlinger, M. Davies)

Towards a judicious use of antibiotics by doctors and patients. (P. Schulz, R. Fiocca)

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